Cars and Trucks require special attention. We get the higher prices. We don’t just take sealed bids for your car/truck the day of the sale. That just doesn’t work very well. Six-Pence conducts a thorough evaluation of the running condition and true value of each vehicle sold. We use multiple websites to promote the vehicle sale and get bidders competing both at the estate sale, before and even after if necessary. We almost ALWAYS get “high” private party value for your car. Brian has sold not just his own vehicles this way (including antique cars) but many vehicles at estate sales. 

Please have ready a clear title ready to be signed by the owner, death certificate if appropriate, power of attorney if necessary if the owner is deceased or unable to sign the title and bill of sale. 

Six-Pence meets potential customers personally to sell the vehicles if customers are serious and have the resources to get you paid.  When high-dollar, early bird offers are made, you will be informed immediately to decide if you want to sell the car/truck right away.

We start advertising vehicles right away.  The more time we market and advertise the higher price you will be paid.