Brian Pence started doing estate sales to help families and friends in the Sunset Hills and South County area.  When family, friends and neighbors were “stuck” with what do to with an estate, Brian was asked to assist. Word spread and Six-Pence Estate Sales was started.

Today, Six-Pence Estate Sales is a family business.  Brian Pence, his wife Kelly Pence, and son’s Jonathan, and Brian Pence Jr. all help out during the estate sale process.   In addition, Six-Pence Estates often has “helpers” who assist customers during the very busy sales, sale set-ups and help customers bring items to their cars as necessary.

Brian has been an art and antique collector for decades including antique cars. Brian previously spent 30 years running cancer centers and helping cancer patients transition. Along with a Master’s of Science and Brian holds a minor in art and design. Creativity, background in healthcare transitions, marketing, finance and art all combine towards an excellent resource of professionalism, knowledge and results for families and individuals.

Kelly Pence, is the decorator, organizer, display creator and the person who helps shape the appearance of the sale itself.  Kelly has a real eye for making sure that customers don’t miss out seeing the wonderful things discovered at estate sales.   Kelly also has 30 years of experience helping care for cancer patients as a radiation therapist.  In doing so she has had first-hand experience helping patients and their families through very stressful times.   Kelly has a kind heart supported by terrific common sense in figuring out “how to get things done”.   Customers love Kelly’s enthusiasm and families appreciate her compassionate approach and savvy sense of making the estate sale a success. 

What separates us from others?

Brian Pence is a licensed agent in the State of Missouri. Brian has sold several homes through the estate sale advertising and coordination. When we market a house and do an estate sale at the same time, thousands more people are looking at your “estate”. Did you know that when you sell your house “full” and “as is” you typically lose at least 10% of the value of your home? That is because buyers cannot see past the “stuff”. If your house is packed, buyers can’t see the things that matter more such as big empty rooms, the corners of basements, attics and crawl spaces. If they can’t see the details, they bid low because they don’t know what’s hidden. 

The Business

Six-Pence is a family based business including the owner, Brian Pence, who is an expert in transition planning and will ensure the best Estate Sale possible.   There are many reasons people want an estate sale and Brian is very helpful with people who are “stuck” and just don’t know what to do next. As a healthcare administrator, Brian ran cancer centers for many years and helped patients transition by focusing on their goals. This philosophy and care is exactly what Six-Pence embodies in every estate sale.

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